Women in Crisis Management

Belen Santa-Olalla 6 years ago 0 23

Earlier this year, we created the Women in Crisis Management group on Linkedin.

With this online group, we created a network for women in Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness training. As women are seldom found in leadership positions in this sector, we thought it would be enriching to have a place where women can share resources and experiences with fellow professionals.

Due to the success and great reception of this initiative, we decided to create a meetup group in London, to provide the opportunity of meeting and mingling in real life. In these gatherings, our goal is to get to know the community a little better and find ways to help each other.

Each meetup is different, but they are casual events intended to meet other women in the industry. Here are some pictures of one of our meetups in Hilton Hotel.

Are you a professional woman working in any of these areas? We’ll be happy to welcome you to the online or offline group! Just join us to be part of the community.

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