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The goal of wargaming is to find a solution (or likely outcome) by having two or more teams compete against each other. It’s a way of exploring the future.
Typically physical maps and counters are used because they are easier and cheaper to create than a constructive simulation which would otherwise provide a greater realism. With our TeamXp software, we marry the physical and virtual – integrating the convenience of paper-based games with the immersion and data collection capabilities of digital.

There are several advantages to digitizing paper-based wargames: (a) players and the exercise control team don’t need to be physically co-located (b) data is easily collected about the moves made, the game state changes and so on (c) a more immersive environment can be created

Virtual Gaming Rooms
Anywhere there’s an internet connection, that’s where a player or trainer can be. All activity is secure and login can be via 2-factor authentication. For those who need to run away from the public internet, we have Conducttr Local a solution dedicated to your premises but this is intended for “Classified” games run by governments rather than corporates for whom our standard high security ought to be enough.

Data Collection
The image below shows real-time data from a Klipfolio dashboard of the arctic map hotspots and bar charts of the popularity of locations and counters. A lot more data is collected of course and is available for mining from the TeamXp response report which provides access to all gaming data.

A timeline feature allows games to be viewed in a former state making it possible to rewind time for after-game analysis and discussion.

The maps need not be geographic, they can be strategic or networks… and with animated GIFs they can look very dynamic and engaging.

More Immersive
We’ve added the wargaming capability to our crisis management solution which means adjudicators/facilitators can send injects that reflect the state of the game and communicate how the world has changed.
In the example below, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson has sent an email to the players. Because the email system is simulated within TeamXp it’s possible for players to send emails to Boris using his usual or similar email address and for his role to be played by a human or AI.

Simulated social media feed

Here’s a video of us preparing for Connections UK, Sept 2018


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