DUSTS Hybrid Warfare Model

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Conducttr’s hybrid warfare training environment allows training audiences to attack and defend against non-conventional (i.e. non-kinetic) warfare. That is, warfare in which in the aim is to weaken the enemy’s will to fight, reduce their options or “get in their head” to the point where objectives are achieved without a bullet being fired.

To this end we’ve created this quick reference infographic to help new learners understand the information battlespace quicker. DUST stands for Divide, Undermine, Subvert, Threaten or Terrorise, Saturate and broadly mimics the “Chinese” playbook. Our Russian playbook can be found here.

Divide – Find societal fractures & disagreements and make them worse.

Undermine – Destroy trust in institutions and leaders

Subvert – Twist and misrepresent your adversary’s words and actions

Threaten or Terrorise – Intimidate population with show of physical force or harsh words

Saturate – Out-publish your adversary with multi-channel content

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