What Crisis Teams can Learn from Penalty Shoot-outs

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Three words: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude.

The world cup penalty shoot-outs illustrate the importance of knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) in crisis teams:

  • Knowledge: penalty-takers and goalkeepers have done their research on the opponent way ahead of time before the match started looking for vulnerabilities and opportunities. They’ve researched what makes a good taker and saver and keep that in mind as the kicker approaches the penalty spot
  • Skills: they’ve practiced for hours and rehearsed over and over so that they’ve mastered what it takes
  • Attitude: performing under pressure is unlike any other moment in a career and demands a special state of mind and presence. Attitude – remaining calm and composed – is key and we’ve seen in the 2018 world cup many skillful players mess up because of stress.

England football manager, Gareth Southgate, refuses to believe that success from the penalty spot is a matter of chance. In this article he explains the need for practice in realistic situations – when experiencing fatigue, walking from the halfway line to heighten the stress…

Our crisis training software, TeamXp, can create the realistic stressful conditions you need to stretch CMTs and have trainees reflect on how they perform under pressure so that when they’re called to step up they’re going to meet the challenge with a better self-awareness and confidence. Try TeamXp today and accelerate your team’s expertise.

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