Webinar! Drive people to your webseries using transmedia storytelling

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2015-02-25_09-14-28Tuesday, 3rd March  9 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm London.

Moderator: Nataly Rios, @natygoico

Christian Viel, showrunner for Heroes of the North.

Carrie Cutforth-Young, Professional storyteller.

Stephanie Michelle Scott, Wildfire Effect Social Media Engagement.

Robert Pratten, CEO Conducttr.


Three ways to Join:

  • Send an email to training [at] conducttr [dot] com with Subject heading: Get Fans
  • Tweet us at @tstoryteller with your email address and hashtag #getfans
  • Send us an SMS to +1-718-395-7793 with your email address and hashtag #getfans

Creating a web series?

Building an audience is a major issue. What are the best strategies to build an audience and get them hooked? How can you approach your audience in a creative, fun and captivating way? How can you stop your web series taking over your life?!

Join this webinar and learn how to use transmedia storytelling to build and engage your audience by making them part of your storyworld.

Who should attend?

Web series creators, filmmakers, producers, showrunners, writers or anyone who wants a build a massive audience without a massive advertising budget.

JOIN US to chat with web series creators, social media experts and transmedia storytellers.

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