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We’re pleased to present a small gift to the world of twitter fiction writers from us here at Transmedia Storyteller.

Click here to download it.

It’s a Word macro that breaks up your prose into handy 140 character bites.

How it works

  1. write or paste in your text into the document but leave in that first line that starts “CharactersPerTweet”
  2. click Convert button
  3. a new page or pages (depending on the length of your text) will be created with your text broken up into Tweet-sized chunks!
  4. cut and paste your Tweets from the Word document into your Twitter client and send as required.

Note: it’s not the fastest macro in the world… so be patient but it’s faster than doing all the calculations and editing yourself!

You have five variables to play with:

  • CharactersPerTweet – this is the number of characters you want to have per tweet (max is 140 with no hashtag – otherwise it’ll reduce the maximum characters by the length of the hashtag)
  • Hashtag – this will likely be the hashtag for your story. It’s attached to every tweet unless you leave it blank
  • BreakAtParagraph – this forces a new Tweet at the end of every paragraph before max number of characters has been reached
  • BreakAtSentance – this forces a new Tweet at the end of every sentence before max number of characters has been reached

When you click Convert you’ll get a handy pop-up for you to confirm the variables – change them if you need to!


This little macro is provided “as is” and is unsupported. It would be nice to get some feedback in our forum but I can’t promise it’ll ever be updated… or maybe we will 😉 If you like playing with macros – please go ahead and modifying it but why not share it with everyone in the forum?

And of course we take no responsibility for any consequential use of the macro.

You are very welcome to share the document you download from us – and encouraged to share widely –  BUT be careful who you receive it from. If you download from us, it’s totally free of viruses. If you get it from a stranger…well.. it could have been tampered with. Be careful out there.

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