The three C’s of transmedia storytelling

Robert Pratten 9 years ago 0 631

the three Cs of transmedia storytelling

I created the diagram above in preparation for my talk at Neuchâtel film festival next week.  It probably needs a little explaining.

In the diagram I’m trying to create an easy-to-remember transmedia strategy guide for TV and web series. The three Cs are:

  • Characters – the importance of story
  • Convenience – the importance of getting the right content to the right people at the right time
  • Community – the importance of connecting fans and rewarding them.

At the intersections we see the actions and functions we must support:

  • Characters+Convenience – the personalization of the story experience for each person based on their relationship to the world
  • Convenience+Community – the continued “personalization” but in a broader sense as applied to audience segments. For example an audience team collaborates to unlock content that only they can see. Also at this intersection is the ability to share content and refer friends to the world
  • Community+Characters – this is the relationship between the community and the world. Creators should provide opportunities to strengthen the relationship through procedures and technology to allow fan contributions, character interactions and such like.

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