SkunkWrx – a place for code for stories

Robert Pratten 10 years ago 0 22

Have you ever wanted to create experiences that seemed kinda magical or employed technology in ways that seemed far out of reach?

If you have then checkout SkunkWrx – part of the new Creative Hub at Conducttr. Lauching today you’ll find the first of what we intend to be many useful examples with open source code available at GitHub.

Check out this interactive YouTube experience that uses phone calls and SMS to sync and switch videos based on choices you make on your mobile while you watch.

Our philosophy has always been to free creative minds to do what they do best – create – and not worry about the technology. With the SkunkWrx code snippets and Conducttr you can separate coding activity from the code-less Conducttr tasks. This means writers & experience designers (in our terminology we call everyone “authors”) can develop, implement, playtest, and refine amazing multiplatform experiences without becoming master coders.

Check out this video that uses bluetooth beacon proximity to trigger Conducttr and have Conducttr change the color of the Philips Hue lightbulb. The code of this Android app is at GutHub and at SkunkWrx.

Please don’t hesitate to come discuss and debate your creative ideas with us at the Community!



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