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Playing Card Template Single Card Poker:Layout 1 We’re delighted to release our Transmedia Card Deck for everyone to print, cut out and use at home! The cards are offspring of the Transmedia Playbook and intended to serve several purposes:

  • show how stories can be told with audience participation
  • develop creative muscles so that it becomes easier to include participation from the beginning.

We tested the cards in the office and then play tested twice – once at the Interactive Narratives meetup group and then again at Learn Do Share.

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Playing Card Template Single Card Poker:Layout 120140905_151358


In an interesting development to the card game we added sensor cards to represent real-world inputs that could be used as game mechanics for the participatory experience.






  1. Divide cards into two or three decks:
  2. characteristics, tropes and optionally sensors
  3. Draw two cards from each deck and leave face down
  4. Grab a story from
  5. Start the clock and turn over the cards! Now create a participatory experience that tells the story from (2) using the cards from (1)
  6. After time has expired, player(s) reveals the experience


i. Use the card mat on slide 12 as a prompt for structured answers

ii.  Suggested time limits

  • Solo – 3 mins
  • Team that knows each other and knows transmedia storytelling – 8 mins
  • All other teams – 25 mins

iii. Check out the Transmedia Playbook if you’re unsure what any of this about!




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