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Welcome transmedia storytellers one and all!

While cross-platform entertainment may not be so new in all industries and parts of the world, it’s probably fair to say that it’s been the last 18 months that “transmedia” has grown from a glint in a bearded man’s eye to a global desire to connect with audiences and consumers in exciting new ways.

While many already lead naturally multi-platform lives – Facebooking while watching TV, texting while netbooking, YouTubing while writing, Kindling while traveling or checking in while eating – trying to connect these platforms in a directed, entertaining, profitable way remains problematic.

Three core problems for transmedia storytellers:

  • a lack of experience of telling transmedia stories
  • a lack of new models – business models, narrative models and game-based models
  • a lack of tools to manage the complexity.

Our mission is to address these problems. Our Experience Designer most obviously addresses the problem of a lack of tools but  inherent in the design is a desire to fix the problem of a lack of models.

While nobody can yet create a device to give someone instant experience (Joe 90‘s glasses excluded), we hope the Community will become a place for storytellers to hang out and share support and experience.

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