Gaming for Peace: Our talk with Mads Haahr

Belen Santa-Olalla 6 years ago 0 22

We meet Mads Haahr, in charge of the Serious Game development for the project “Gaming for peace” project, in which Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) personnel can experience scenarios through role-playing.

We talked about immersion, interactive narratives, geolocation games and his creative process… Not to be missed!

Some papers and books discussed in the podcast.

*Paper on immersion: Laura Ermi and Frans Mäyrä. Fundamental
components of the game- play experience: Analysing immersion. Worlds
in play: International perspectives on digital games research,
37(2):37–53, 2005.

*Janet’ Murray’s famous book:

*Mads’ interactive narrative book:

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Interview by: @belen_santa

Supported by Conducttr, mixed-reality platform:


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