Exercise Control and Performance Assessment

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Yesterday we delivered to the UK Ministry of Defence our “personal assistant for instructors” or, in the military acronym, CUARATT (connected universal assessment and real-time analysis training tool).

The video below shows the technology in operation in an instrumented battlefield scenario on private land.

Adaptive Training

So what’s going on?

Conducttr is operating from the cloud as an intelligent training platform: it holds the exercise scenario and listens to wearables and IoT devices  to track trainee performance and progress.

The exercise instructor is able to make real-time inquiries and Conducttr sends “intelligent prompts” and activity alerts – bothering the instructor only for events that s/he may wish to investigate further.  Should the exercise need changing (made more difficult or easier), the instructor is able to branch the scenario without breaking immersion.

Throughout the exercise, Conducttr receives real-time data from the trainees and the instrumented battlefield. It compares performance against benchmarks and expected performance (for example time, between two locations, pulse rate at a certain time, pulse rate compared to other trainees at that time and so on) and determines if it should intervene or alert the instructor.

Note that intervention might mean interacting with synthetic environments which in turn are interpreted by the trainees and the scenario branched.

Activity Tracking

Today, it’s our contention that only enough data is collected to ensure that training is proceeding as desired. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg –  the “expected actions”. As the pyramid diagram below shows, there is much more data to be collected that would provide context for the exercise.

Conducttr maintains detailed activity tracking that contains all this collected data so that exercises can be mined for insights and improvement opportunities.


Completely customizable

CUARATT is a universal tool meaning that it is completely customizable to only show information relevant to that particular exercise.


In the diagram above, the instructional designer creates the scenario (either from scratch or copying a previous project) and the CUARATT configuration file – none of which requires coding although connecting into operational systems does require knowledge of APIs.

On the right of the diagram, the instructor and observer team is able to send injects (including audio injects that play on a trainee’s mobile or operational equipment) and make qualitative assessments while receiving real-time data about performance and exercise progress.


Conducttr is now unique in its ability to connect live physical environments, sythentic virtual environments and social media, email, text messaging, phone calls etc. so that it’s the perfect system for counter-insurgency training, crisis management and civil defense/emergency exercises.


To try a demo, check out


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