Conducttr Conference 2014

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Conducttr Conference brings together ART, COMMERCE and ACADEMIA to present the “HOW” of transmedia storytelling. On October 17th 2014, a gathering of creative people shared and learned more about the practicalities of developing and running transmedia experiences.

Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out
Alison Norrington and Nataly Rios give a detailed examination of the creation and development of The Chatsfield, a persistent interactive living soap opera that integrates numerous characters, digital platforms, interactive games and user-generated content.

City of Conspiracy: How to Turn Creative Passion into Revenue
Rapper, music producer and author, Jonny Virgo presents City of Conspiracy.a mutli-platform thriller using a variety of media to tell a story fusing conspiracy theories, hip hop and London.

Films and wearable technology
Digital media artist and filmmaker Karen Palmer talks about her interactive parkour film SYNCSELF2. This project is a transmedia neurogame that portrays the multi-dimensional process of transcending fear, in which the film experience is determined by the user’s level of focus.

Categorizing experiences
Sarah Atkinson and Vicki Callahan discuss their research on transmedia projects from the TMDBonline, in which they curate and analyse a selection of relevant projects that represent the diverse spectrum of transmedia production.

Transmedia Broadcast: Engagement across Platforms
Assistant professor of film and television studies at the University of Nottingham, Elizabeth Evans, discusses her research on the relationship between technology and the experience of narrative.

Game of Thrones: Immersive experience and audience engagement
Belén Santa-Olalla, Creative Consultant at Transmedia Storyteller Ltd., discusses the creative process of CANAL+’s project 19Reinos (19 realms), one the world’s most ambitious transmedia entertainment experiences, which transformed Spain into a huge storytelling canvas.

Transmedia Performance and Pervasive Theatre
Sophy Smith presents the findings from her research project ‘Pervasive Theatre’, which explored the potential of transmedia tools to create a multi media cross-platform performance environment for performance.

The Storyworld of Things
The world is a canvas for storytelling. This presentation discusses how storytellers can use open data and new hardware opportunities to create dynamic, persistent storyworlds.

Creating projects for two-screens
Keith Johnson talks about how two-screen has come of age and how his company SyncScreen is creating tools to open the imagination of the creative storywriting audience to think about how a narrative can be created that works across the two screens in harmony, real-time.

Transmedia metrics: Towards a new Transmedia Engagement Metrics model
Eefje Op den Buysch and Hille van der Kaa talk about their research on Transmedia metrics, and present us their proposed Transmedia Engagement Metrics model.

Interactive Narrative: From Development through Execution
Screenwriter and transmedia creator Jill Golick talks about how to build interactive into a story.
Using her award-winning TV show Ruby Skye P.I as a case study, she discusses how to adapt traditional scripts and bibles to the creator’s interactive needs; and how to get the film and video crew to collect the required assets when they are used to doing things the “old” way.

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