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This document explains:

  • how to identify your audience
  • what engagement means and how to measure it
  • how to be selective with your content in order to optimize your time and money.

Please enjoy and feel free to share.

Audiences Engagement and Content Strategy for Transmedia Storytellers

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  • Hey Rob, 

    There is some great stuff in this document!  I feel the need to print it off and tear through it while jotting all kinds of notes and diagrams – is there an easy way to download a copy?



    • Hey Disqus Just a quick update for the end of Feb 2012.— CONGRATULATIONS —Congratulations go out to Doubletake Studios and the amazing success of their educational ARG that wrapped on Friday 24th! Rex and Terri at Doubletake created a first-class pervasive educational “game” in which 600 students across the state of Florida worked to formulate a response to a fictional environmental disaster. The students played the role of C-level execs in a space cargo company responsible for the disaster when one of their rockets crashes into a small town. The whole experience, including student registration, blogging, Facebook status updates and Tweets from fictional activitists and townsfolk, role-specific emails and news reports and video publication was handled by Conducttr  – handling more than 4000 fictional character-to-student interactions.A full case study presentation is to follow!— FASTER — We’re now on the a larger server and we cleaned up a lot of code. You can now see a significant improvement in performance – the UI is much more responsive and faster to access all parts of your project.— NEW WIDGET —The newest feature we’ve added is “Widgets”. This allows you to create a sign-up widget for embedding into your website. It’s fully customizable too – so you decide what information to request and how it’s formatted on the page (needs some CSS knowledge for the formatting).Note that Conducttr handles all the contact detail verifications and there’s option of age-restriction and captcha to stop bots.Note that all widgets also connect to a new widget trigger. The trigger fires on successful sign-up and can be used to activate any part of your story – blog posts, videos, follow-up emails and so on – and of course add the audience member to groups for personalization.— NEW MOVIE —Finally, we’re delighted to announce Conducttr will be integral to a new feature film-centered transmedia project called Mask of the Red Death.Please check out the link for more info on the Facebook page!ps. it’s a leap year this year so that means women (Michelle?) can propose to men on the 29th ;)Robert & AlexeyDon’t forget to check out the latest content at the Community or connect with us on Facebook ;)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________you can click here to unsubscribe

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