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xAPI comes to Conducttr

Robert Pratten 1 year ago 0 169

The next release of Conducttr Worlds sees our first implementation of metrics based on xAPI – but what is it?

xAPI is an open specification designed to capture activity from simulation-type experiences. The reason we’ve decided to implement it is to allow our activity data to be more easily shared with other systems and allow our value-added resellers (VARs) to build additional tools on top of Conducttr’s already cool capabilities.

Central to the xAPI specification is a database called the Learning Record Store (LRS). Worlds clients will be able to query this database to extract data into their internal systems – as well as using our own built-in metrics dashboard.
The LRS also adds persistence to the exercise activity data which is usually erased after each exercise. Now with the LRS it is possible to compare across sessions to see if teams get better after each exercise.

For the technically-minded we have created a Conducttr xAPI register that explains the statements and objects we’re using. The register will continue to grow over time as we add more details. It can be found here:

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